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ALBUM COVER: California Coroner dropped the ball on Mac Millers Suicide, I understand though, Artist so it's easy to wash your hands real quick and say, "oh well, got damn junkie rapper, "overdose"". What that Coroner, his family, friends and no one else on Earth beside me knows is that, from the cover of the Album which signifies the day he started going to "Oblivion" (Oblivion is Death, or a very Euphoric State feeling, out of body, dreamlike hence, Ivy's Cyanide Dream also) induced by "Jet Fuel" (whichever drugs of his choice to reach a psychois state heightened and intense enough to "Get Over the Wall" (into Oblivion). Mac Miller was ideed happily staging his suicide as he was writing "Circles" from "the other side AKA, "Oblivion" or to all of you, death. SO much so, Circles was released obviously after his death, which that release is implied double Entendre meaning, he felt he was always swimming in life, bored of life and his achievments he could be successful "running circles around humanity even from death". It's actually a joke he's referenced even prior in his work. (Swimming--"So It Goes"--Start of reference: 3:10seconds) I've never told anyone this, and I'm going to give away what the album cover signifies, it's hidden Easter Eggs and why and what it means. No I will not be giving out his suicide note that is wrapped in double entedre, triple and even quadruple entendre, syllable rhymes, near rhymes that mask phrases as they carry over end rhymes to the normal eye and then the perlethoria of different wordplay to be elusive that the whole song is indeed from front to back as I have many tracks, the whole track is double entendre, one meaning as is on the layer, second meaning why and how he committed suicide. The men being convicted in California for his death for the drugs sold should not be and will not be convicted in lieu of my factual evidence from MAc Miller himself that he planned his suicide, no accidential overdose at all. Even the date he died, time, what he was drinking, how he was laying and here's something coroner didn't release and no news press even knows but I do, he even committed his suicide bare footed as the first clue to look into Swimming for what really happened and his Suicide Note. Album Cover: Sitting in a Jet Window appears at first but indeed the elsuion is also double entendre for he is implying he's already dead with plans to boost the juice for enough "Jet Fuel" (drugs) already to get and stay over the wall hence,. . . in his coffin, the cover is a coffin indeed folks and and and he's laying down in the morgue hence the white light and gurny, so a 3 dimensional elsuion or triple entendre if ya will, he says so himself if youre good enough to find it. Secondly He foreshadowed that he will be barefooted when found intentionally fueld up on enough "Jet Fuel" to get over the wall, that wall being barrier between life and death and and and indicating his lust or obession with visiting "Oblivion" began the nigth he wrecked his Mercedes and and and RAN HOME BAREFOOTED, all connectd, all factual just takes a word smith and English Guru, plus not being smoked out by whats' at the surface to ensure only someone of his intellectual ability solve and bring forth the information, that perosn indeed me, Comatose Red Ivy. Oblivion Mac Miller wrote Circles from, was indeed Emitted in red light, that clue is, well thats's mine as is the Suicide Note. 100 billion, no one getting anything more that I have. FBI show up and want it, take me to jail it's mine only, cost me my life and I had this figured out before I died.